Favor for Life

Favor, What does the favor of the lord do for you. I hope you are ready for a wild ride. I have been in the story of Joseph. Joseph was favored by his father as well as by God. When favor hits you you may have to go through some things, some maneuvering if you will. Father often times has to maneuver you through a sequence of events to get you to your destination that He has purposed for you. Joseph was maneuvered from his fathers house to the pit, to being enslaved, to Potipher’s house, to prison, then on to Pharoah’s house and then to Prince of Egypt. So when you pray for favor and say ” Lord lead me where you need me.” be ready for some shifting, some shaking and some Maneuvering as you reach out to God for favor and for your destiny. God has big plans for you. In Jesus Name. NOW GET UP, GET OUT, AND GET YOUR PRAISE ON.