The Word of our Testimony
To me life groups is a place where the enemy gets exposed. He doesn’t like it. He will keep you from going if you let him. He knows you will find blessings and freedom there.
When I first started going the devil got so mad he split me and Ann up. I’m taking about I moved out and everything. And in life groups we got back together. There is wisdom and love at life groups.
Yup it’s real. You can go with a bad attitude or feeling broken, mad, lost and when Holy Spirit shows up you can’t help but feel relaxed and free. He changes the atmosphere. It’s all about Jesus at life groups. You get to really see who people are and get to see change in your face. I really miss going because I have school now but every time I skip school it’s always worth it.” Joe Leal


“We love getting beyond just saying “hey” to other people on Sunday mornings. Going to church can be hard when you feel like you don’t really know anyone well. But our life group has changed all that. Seeing people talk about what God is doing in their life has challenged and encouraged our faith!
It is truly amazing to see that everyone in our life group has the same challenges/trials that our family does. We have realized that we’re not all alone. The support our group provides us is invaluable.We experience God’s presence among others in a very powerful way. Life groups has become like a family to us. We finally have deep friendships where we can discuss our lives and faith.” Ann Marie Leal
Meeting a significant other is a plan only God would orchestrate. 8 years ago, I was a lost saved child of God, and I had let the enemy dictate my life. God had a bigger plan for me, and He introduced me to my saving grace, my beautiful wife, Lori. She had a bigger task than she could imagine, but God knew what he was doing. Slowly through Lori’s strong Christian background, I began to see things I had never seen and feel a happiness in my heart that hadn’t been there in a long time. I knew this happiness wasn’t my feelings just for my wife, it was stronger than that. It was the Holy Spirit filling my heart. As we progressed through our daily lives, our own relationship grew stronger together. We began praying together (she lead all the prayers). I then began to feel I had a purpose other than what I had imagined. I saw abilities in me I never knew. God was talking to me, and for the first time I was listening. This new walk with Christ brought me to start attending life groups and fellowship with others. I enjoy sharing with others about our day to day struggles and life groups truly recharges me for the week. During this time, I began to share with my wife about visions I had. We determined that we needed to put these vision from God to work (now I have never been a community social person). But we dove into it with everything we had, and God is blessing the people of our community. This success gave me a hunger I have never experienced. I know God has chosen me for something, and He will reveal in His time. In the meantime, I will faithfully sit and wait till he’s ready for me again” Rick Zinn

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  1. Rose Montes says:

    “I honestly never knew what Life groups was gonna be about or what it was gonna do , it just started out of obedience with about 6 people & thats including Pastor Andy and myself lol. Never did i imagine God was gonna do what He has from healing hearts, to restoring families, to breaking generational curses, to saving saving lives! First of all It has helped me to stay active in the Lord which is what I need cause God knows the more time i have to MYSELF the more trouble i can get into , also having the honor of leading lifegroups gives us the accountability we need in our lives to b great leaders for the Lord . If there is one lie that I’ve heard over and over from the devil it’s that you can do this Christian life alone and that nobody needs to hear your problems or your struggles,,, BUT thank God Life groups has showed us that we all really do need each other and that NOBODY is better than anyone else. It’s a place where we all find ourselves in the same level where we are all broken people in need of the Savior. It’s always a humbling experience whether you’re the one speaking or you’re the one listening . I know God is in lifegroups cause it has been one of the most consistent ministries to come out of Trinity since the last 14 years we have been here , and we believe it is such a powerful tool/ instrument that the Lord uses for the work of HIS ministry 🙂 Lifegroups is EMPOWERING, ENCOURAGING, & EDIFYING to say the least!!!! We love you all and most importantly WE NEED YOU ”
    ?Pastor Billy Montes

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